Upcoming Events:

New Years Eve Service & Celebration -  Monday night at 10pm - 12 midnight. There will be a brief service with singing, a message, and testimonies. Food and games will follow afterward. ALL are welcome to join us.

Carolina Ministries State Ministry - please contact Carolina Ministries for questions regarding state events.

Minister’s & Spouses Retreat – Mon Feb 25 – 27th

Ongoing Events:

One Harvest Food Ministry Anyone 18+ can purchase.  Goto

Mens Meeting - every 2nd Saturday @ 9 am each month

Womens Fellowship - every 3rd Saturday at 10 am

Bible Studies   - 

  • All ages Wed @ 7pm; Adults – "Priesthood and the Kingdom Church". This is a time of informal discussion. 
  • Global school - Saturday's @ 12noon. Please contact Regina. Open to all adults 18 and older.   *Class will begin Jan 5th, 2019
  • Sunday school - 9:30 - 10:15 am Sundays in the sanctuary.


  • Prayer Every Monday night @ 7pm

 Matthew 18:19 “Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.

Do you have to work on Sundays? Are you sick? Do you need to stay at home? GOTO YouTube each week and watch the sermon for that Sunday. YouTube - "Greensboro Friendship Church"

The Friendship App

This app will allow you to do many things; from paying your tithes, to watching services live, to seeing announcements, and more.

The information is updated weekly. Try it out and share it with a friend. Just scan the QR code (if you have a cell phone) OR go to  Or to text – type fccog, 54244

  • Kids section on the Friendship app -  for Pre-k (3-7 year olds), and (8 yrs - 6th grade). 
  • New Area for Adults - "Featured Tools" has games, trivia, assessments, and more...
  • Also available to make online - Tithe and offering payments .

Contact: Mykenley Augustin (336) 307- 9659 if you have any questions.

Friendship Community Church of God Global School of Ministry

Information on the Global School of Ministry

Friendship Community Church of God Global School of Ministry (FCCoG – GSoM)

The goal of FCCoG – GSoM is to perfect the body of Christ in the Earth realm. Jesus taught his disciples, demonstrated the precepts from the teachings, empowered them and sent them forth to do likewise. Paul instructed the Saints, demonstrated how to operationalize precepts and principles found in the Word, explained and demonstrated proper operation of the gifts given to the church as activated by the Holy Spirit and challenged them to go forth and emulate Christ in word, deed, actions and faith. We at Friendship Community Church of God understand that we have a responsibility to teach, train, activate and release those entrusted to us by the Lord. The outcomes are left to God (Elohim), our job is to obey, and study to show ourselves approved.

It is hoped that when this two-year course of study is completed the participants will understand:

  1. The basic doctrines of the Bible,
  2. The role of the Christian in the Earth Realm,
  3. Spiritual gifts that they may possess and
  4. Our place in a body of believers who pursue the purposes for which we were saved as they are being pursued by the Holy Spirit.
  5. We will also learn the limitations of fixed religious branches normally called a church, verses a Living, Loving Organism which is the Biblical model for the interaction of the Saints.

I am persuaded that as we spend serious time in the Word together that the Holy Spirit will renew our minds so we understand what it means to be a relevant Christian in today's society.  The Christ-like distinctive that came inside of us at salvation will be perfected as we learn how to keep our bodies under subjection and live in consistent Victory through the DNA of Christ.

Curriculum Materials.

  • All curriculum materials can be downloaded to your device or we will print a copy of the current course for you. 
  • You may have to provide your own 3-ring binder.
  • All curriculum materials are free.

Course length

  • Course length and meeting dates will be confirmed at the 1st class meeting.  
  • The class meets for two years. The pace will determine the actual length.

Meeting Dates and times

  • Meeting dates will be determined for each course.
  • All classes will be held on Saturday's at 12 noon.

Student Expectations

  • Students are expected to do the required reading before class. The readings for the next week will be given at the current meeting and should take around an hour to read.
  • Students are expected to pray each day for the class.
  • Students are also expected to pray for the willingness to align with what the Holy Spirit is revealing to you about His desire for you.

Course Completion

  • No academic credit will be given
  • Certificates of Completion will be given
  • Appropriate ordinations and commissioning will take place (Deacon, Evangelist etc.)
  • Pastoral Ordination processing will be done through The Church of God, Anderson Indiana


  • Course 118 - The Call, Cost, and Reward of Discipleship
  • Course 116  - The Great Commission
  • Course 115  - The Authority of the Believer
  • Course 130  - Prayer, Fasting, and Spiritual Warfare
  • Course 129  - Critical Adversaries
  • Course  111 - The Kingdom of Elohim  
  • Course 107  - Grace
  • Course           - The 13 Glorious Truths
  • Course 105 - Five Fundamental C’s

Course 116 - The Great Commission

Course Synopsis - 10 week study

This course will present with clear detail:

Men have tried to complicate a very simple assignment of God, to the point that the message has lost its cutting edge. Jesus came essentially as the Paschal Lamb, to die for the sins of the whole world. After His death and resurrection, He charged the Church to declare the good news of a solution to the hitherto intractable sin problem to humanity so that “whoever” believes shall be saved [Matthew 28:18–20; Mark 16:15–18].The Great Commission is therefore, first and foremost, a declaration of the good news of salvation. However, the going forth of a believer is enhanced if he or she is first a witness to the power of Christ to save from sin as Acts 1:8 demands. 

We shall therefore examine:

  • •What is the Great Commission?
  • •What are the components of the Great Commission?
  • •Who is to execute the Great Commission?
  • •In the post-modern Western culture, what are the range of tools that can be deployed?
  • •What does it mean to be a witness?
  • •What is the role of miracles, signs and wonders in the Great Commission?
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